outfit | OFF TO LONDON

Second hand Diesel jacket | Monki t-shirt and skirt | River Island boots | Cheap Monday cap

Within just a few hours from now my boyfriend and I will arrive in London. Right now I'm checking my suitcase for the millionth time before heading to the train. Although I know I could survive this weekend with just two sets of underwear and a toothbrush.. If I had to! Do you have any better plans this weekend?


Choies blouse | H&M trend skirt | Gina Tricot fake leather vest | H&M necklace

Here it is! My first spring blogpost. Sunny or not, from now on no more sweaters, jeans and tights. I combined my brand new Choies blouse with a few old friends. Really love love love the print of this top and as you might notice I'm starting to like my Gina Tricot vest more and more as well. Tomorrow I 'm doing my last test this semester and upcoming friday I'm celebrating my birthday. I'm turning 20!

photography by Nicole T.


Second hand Diesel jacket | Gina Tricot leather vest | Monki sunglasses | H&M top, rings and jeans Perhaps you would expect a little smile on a post during easter weekend, but sadly I ain't able to do a lot of celebrating (except for a huge breakfast party with my boyfriend this morning) since I'm having exams until the 10th of april. Luckily I also have a lot of fun things coming op. Such as my birthday on the 12th of april and my trip to London one week later. Let's hope time flies also when you ain't having fun at all..

This pretty denim Diesel jacket I'm wearing has been a dear friend ever since I bought it at second hand store Episode. The low shoulders, thick fabric and loose fit make it perfect for layering since I don't like things like 'winter coats' at all. Today I wore my lumberjack in combination with a fake leather vest I bought last year in Berlin but didn't come in handy before, a black velvet top and easy going jeans.

instagram | SUMMER READY

I normally end a conversation as soon as subject weather kicks in, but I have to admit these last few weeks I've been screaming for summer. I really can't wait for shorts, sunnies and outdoor festivals. I even tried to intimidate mother nature by wearing T-shirts and skirts while everyone was wrapped in scarves and hoodies, it didn't help a thing. Let's hope I won't complain about the heat as soon as spring kicks in..

1. Matched my new second hand wallet with a few of my current essentials
2. Memories of last summer in Berlin 
3. My spring uniform hanging on my closet, ready to be worn soon
4. Have had a small ear infection thanks to wearing too many big earrings
5. Got my first publication of streetstyle shots (taken during Fashion Week) in L'officiel!
6. Beer, beer and snoop dog, eh, lion @ launch Vice Fashion Issue 2013

7. DIY-ed this coffee-to-go cup with a sparkly Glamcult editorial
8. Got myself some shiny sun proof Monki glasses
9. Another shot from my summer in Berlin, can't wait to travel back to this hipster paradise
10. Curled my hair before accompanying my boyfriend to the Tegel (journalism awards)
11. A sexy jewelry plate I scored at Sissy Boy with my favorite blogger buddy Leslie
12. Finally found myself the perfect denim jacket. Oversized, worn out and cheap (€25!)

outfit | SUIT UP

H&M suit | Zara top, leather bag and heels | YSL lipstick

Long time, no see! The last two weeks have been as well very exciting as horrible. I've been ill for 5 days (which is quite a record for me) and have spend all these days lying in my bed staring at the ceiling. Luckily I got better just in time since my boyfriend got nominated for a Tegel, quite a big journalism award. The dressing theme for the evening (last thursday) was tenue de ville which kinda means suits and cocktail dresses. As you might understand the cocktail dresses part of that theme wasn't really my 'thing' so I decided to suit up. To make sure I wouldn't look like Ellen Degeneres I combined my suit with a sexy v-neck, some high heels, a classic red lip and big curls. I took these shots today so sadly my curls are already showered out. What do you think of my sexy suit look?

outfit | BOOM!

Monki jacket and shirt | H&M skinny jeans and necklace | DIY clutch | Zara loafers | The Hundreds cap

This cap landed on my doorstep about one week ago (thanks headict!) and we've been best friends ever since. From an outfit like this you wouldn't guess I like to wear dresses and paint my toenails pink, would you? I really enjoy playing around with different styles for different occasions. But I'm wondering: does this mean I don't have this thing they call "your own style" just because I enjoy everything form arabic princesses to formal trousers? I'm looking forward to hearing your responses!


Tomorrow's outfit post with my new The Hundreds cap

A few days ago I asked you if there was anything you'd like to know about me, besides the outfits I wear and post on the blog here. You asked my quite some fun and even difficult questions. I answered them all, but if there's still anything you'd like to know, feel free!

What study are you doing?
Right now I'm in my third year of journalism. I'm studying at the School voor Journalistiek (School of Journalism) in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I'm specializing in magazines and editorial design. Eventually I want to work for the little bit more exclusive fashion and art magazines as a fashion editor, graphic designer or writer. The magazines I'm currently loving are The Gentlewoman, LOVE, Glamcult and L'officiel. 

What are your favourite second hand stores?
My favorite second hand stores are Episode and Bij Ons Vintage. Besides that I also have a huge crush on antique shop De Oude Pijpenlade, a small store filled from the ceiling to the basement with porcelain sculptures, funny spoons and dusty pictures. However I prefer shopping at second hand markets such as Noordermarkt, IJhallen and Mauerpark (Berlin). Do you want to pay a visit to any of these stores and markets? You can find the adresses of them all at the bottom of this post!

Who's your favourite band at the moment?
A favourite band? Please shoot me, this was definitely the most difficult question of them all since my taste in music is pretty wild. I like the old ones (Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Lou Reed) but also love to dance on South African sounds (such as Skip and Die and Die Antwoord) and cute girls √° la Laura Marling. I guess this English hottie is my favorite right now especially when covering one of my older crushes, Neil Young (who I will see in concert upcoming june!).

What camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D60 (here) with an 18-105mm lens (and here). Besides that I love to take pictures with my Lomography Fish Eye and I'm also playing around with a very old Agfa ISO-RAPID I. Later this year, once I saved enough money, I will get myself a 50mm lens as well.

What's your favourite thing about blogging?
I don't think I can pick one thing I like most about blogging. But, as all bloggers would answer, I like getting feedback on my outfits, meeting new people and doing collaborations with good companies (a very good one coming up!) most. Anyways the main reason I started blogging a few years ago was to show others what I like to wear and how I live my life. It turned out quite well and it's more addictive than anything else. 

How about a blogger meeting?
That's one hell of a good idea! I would love to set up a blogger meeting with fellow Dutch bloggers (or international ones that are willing to fly to The Netherlands). Perhaps I should arrange one in the future. One including a sexy shopping spree with a few bubble tea (or coffee) breaks to chat about blogging. If you're interesting in doing a blogger meeting with me please let me know trough email, instagram or twitter. Now the only question left: who's in?

What's your favourite lipstick colour?
If there’s one piece of make up I seriously would miss a lot on a deserted island it’s probably lipstick (and my eyebrow pencil). So it probably won’t surprise you I have tons of these babies in a huge range of colours. From Barbie pink to dark brown. My favorite is probably YSL’s blood red Rouge Volupt√© 17, since this is a colour that suits every season and (almost) every skin tone. Another cheaper favourite is Hema's dark pink Pure Shine 23. My favourite lip pencils are Read My Lips and Fluffy by Make Up Store. 

Berenstraat 1 Amsterdam
Waterlooplein 1 Amsterdam
Oudegracht 206 Utrecht

Bij Ons Vintage
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 150 Amsterdam

De Oude Pijpenlade
Oudegracht 199 Utrecht

T.T. Neveritaweg 15 Amsterdam

Noordermarkt Amserdam
On Monday mornings from 09.00 - 14.00 hour


H&M blouse and necklace | selfmade army clutch | Zara boyfriend jeans | Nike flyknit sneakers

New month, new ideas, new colors, new shirt, new clutch. Made myself this sexy army clutch last week to think about something else then school and work for a few hours. It turned out quite well and I'm thinking about making another bag in the same print. Do you want me to tell you how to make yourself a pretty clutch in just a few easy steps? I'm sure everyone can make (and needs) a bag like this!